Tuesday, 20 January 2009

I am a nobody.

Sometimes we need an outlet for our thoughts. Our opinions. Our frustrations and our excitements. Sometimes we need to vent these feelings. What do you do when there is nobody around to listen? When nobody wants to listen? When you are too scared to talk? When you are afraid your opinions may be mocked? When you have those little secrets that you just have to tell? Or when you just need to get things off your chest regardless of whether anybody is listening or reading?

You blog. That’s what.

I am nobody. I don’t try to be anybody. I am just me. I have so many pent up frustrations and thoughts going on in my jumbled up little head at the moment that I decided to vent them via the wonderful phenomenon that it blogging. Its doesn’t matter that you may have stumbled across and have decided to read as far as this. I doesn’t matter that I am by no means a writer or the most perfect at spelling and grammar. For me this is just my little outlet. I don’t know you. You don’t know me. I am more than likely talking to myself most of the time but hey that doesn’t matter. Feel free to comment. I wont judge. I might even reply! I may even respect your own opinions and welcome any advice and thoughts of your own. But to me, this is a record of my life as I now live it, entering my thirties as a young hearted, career minded, confused, anxious little fish in a huge big pond.


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